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A mega-corporation, Allstate, launches this poster campaign.
Should the support of big corporations be celebrated or should we worry that they are trying to commodify LGBTQ people?


Jan 6

Andrea Dworkin & The Brazilian Wax

Jan 6

Marxism and Pornography Stars

Jan 6

Simone De Beauvoir - Ethic of Ambiguity

Jan 6

John Welwood - Absolute & Relative Love

Jan 6

Rene Descartes

Nov 4

In Conversation: Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou on Sisterhood, and Their Friendship with Toni Morrison

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Nov 4


I need to tell this to everyone in my life. Only my bf gets it.

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This 30-second video of Nicki Minaj explaining what “beez in the trap” means is the most important and wonderful thing I’ve seen today.

#mark ruffalo’s face the entire time #oh my GOD

Nov 4

To begin by always thinking of love as an action rather than a feeling is one way in which anyone using the word in this manner automatically assumes accountability and responsibility.

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The revolution itself may not be televised, but on last night’s edition of the BBC’s Newsnight, viewers may have witnessed the start of one.

ARTISTS - Call for Submissions : New Rituals for Long Nights

Art Show – New Rituals for Long Nights
Glad Day Bookshop

Glad Day Bookshop is the world’s oldest surviving LGBTQ bookstore. Our mandate is to create a hub for queer and trans creativity and culture while providing a sex-positive space for the diverse representation and voices of our community. We give priority to artists who are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, 2spirit, transsexual, transgender, intersex, genderqueer and queer. We are located at 598 Yonge Street in Toronto.

We are looking for visual art submissions for an upcoming exhibit titled: New Rituals for Long Nights
that will run from December 12th to January 12th 2013.
Artists should feel free to interpret this theme in a variety of ways; divergent, creative and theoretical interpretations are encouraged. Glad Day Bookshop has a 3rd floor gallery and event space. The gallery and event space are in use for bookstore and community events most days and evenings but there will be some set viewing times and guests can pre-book a time to view the collection.


If your piece is selected, you will be included in our:
-          Press release and promotional materials to the media
-          3 hour opening launch party
-          2 hour closing party
-          Promotion of your work and yourself through our social media networks and website

There is a $15 hanging & display fee for each piece that is selected.
Artists set the price for their piece.
Artists get 100% of the profit from the sale of their piece.


The gallery space is fairly versatile but pieces that can be hung are ideal. We want a variety of shapes, sizes and mediums. Dimensions should not exceed 6 feet in height and 8 feet in width.

Please submit:
- Digital images of 1-3 pieces.
- A brief biography. You are strongly encouraged to include in your biography how you identify with the LGBTQ community. You are also strongly encouraged to let us know if you identify with any racialized or marginalized community. This is a private bio and will be held in confidentiality; you will submit a different for the public.
- A brief artist’s statement that links your piece(s) to the theme of the exhibit.
- Links to your work or more information about you.
- How we can best contact you.

Deadline for submissions is November 3rd, 2013.
Please submit applications to:


Short skirt DOES NOT EQUAL consent.


Short skirt DOES NOT EQUAL consent.

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